Light up the Town

Light up the town is a band from Graz (AUT), founded in the fall of 2013

The first two members were Jakob and Esther. Together they met Thomas Kern and Thomas Meier. Last but not least member has been Leo, who assumed the part of the drummer.In Spring 2015 they parted, but Esther and Thomas searched for new members and continued ,,Light Up The Town''.

They still do the same music, just with great new members (:

First we tried a cover, but soon we managed to write and tape our own songs!

current Members:
Esther Hütter -Vocals
Thomas Kern - Bass
David Vass - guitar
Daniel Weidinger - drums
Steve- Rhythmguitarplayer

Past members:
2013- 2015 Jakob Schied (,,Jake'') Guitar/backing Vocals
2013- 2015 Leo Seewald (,,Letschi'') - Drums
2013-2015 Thomas Meier (,,Thommy'')- Guitar